10 Top tips to for successful homeschooling

Top tips to for successful homeschooling

So, two weeks into this new way of living and working how is everyone finding home -schooling? As with anything new, it can take time to adjust and find a way that works for you as a family.

Here are my top ten tips for trouble-free home-schooling.

1. Get up the same time every day as if you were going to school or work. For example, at 7am, carry out your normal routine i.e. get washed and dressed, don’t stay in your PJs on weekdays! This will help you get into the right mindset to start your day in a positive way.

2. Have breakfast at the normal time too, as if you were going to school or work. Just like the first tip, it helps to keep to your ‘normal’ routine, fuels your body and mind to start your day. It has been found that often, people who have breakfast in the morning are more productive because they have more energy.

3. Set up a study area. Make sure you have enough clear space to sit comfortably with no distractions and set out your books. Depending on how you learn, you may find it easier to listen to music in the background to help you focus. If this is a distraction and doesn’t help you, then you can work in silence.

4. Make a timetable for yourself. Just like at school, it helps maintain a structure.  What do you want to achieve today or this week? In a day, set yourself no more than 3 study tasks a day as any more than that can feel overwhelming and stressful. Break your day up into hourly chunks. Often a task takes more than an hour, so every 30 minutes, take a 10 minutes break particularly when reading as this helps sustain information. Plan your whole day, including lunch breaks, chatting with friends via text or on your computer and maybe take an online exercise class.

5. Even if you are not taking your GCSEs or A levels now, because of the current situation, the work you have done has NOT gone to waste. Even if you look over what you’ve done and set yourself tasks, it will help you work out what to do next. Your mock grades will be taken into consideration or when schools reopen you may be given the opportunity to sit them again. For A level students, universities will be able to provide advice once we have come through this situation.

6. Take time to relax. Learn a new hobby or skill. Or revisit an interest that you have not had time to focus on before. For example, art, cooking, sign language or dance. You never know what opportunities this hobby or interest could give you.

7. Take a walk once a day. Make sure that it is only with the people you live with. And practice social distancing. Stay at least 1 metre apart and don’t go out in groups of more than 6.

8. Take time to message a friend to see how they are. It’s important to stay talking to your friends.

9. Most schools are setting structured homework on the school website. Take advantage of the fact that you have no distractions and when you return to school you will be ahead. If you are stuck, you can always message your teacher.

10. I provide tuition services if you are stuck too. Contact me on 07590 395089 or email me, contact@outsidetheboxeducation.co.uk

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