8 Things to give up or stop doing in order to be successful

It may sound odd but in order to be successful you need to give up eight habits in our lives and add two more very powerful habits to our daily routine.

Let’s start with the things to give up or STOP doing.

1. Stop doubting yourself

One of the major factors as to whether or not you succeed with a project or a goal, we have in life is to stop doubting ourselves. This is because the power of self-belief is incredibly strong. As the saying goes ‘if you believe you can you are halfway there’, however if you believe you can’t or won’t achieve something then that is true too! – So, stop doubting yourself, and your abilities and start each day looking at every situation with a positive mindset and believe in your own abilities to succeed.

2. Stop negative thinking

In a similar way to the first point, thinking negatively prevents success. This is because your mind has two jobs;

(i) To keep you safe, preventing you from harm

(ii) To give you want you say you want!

The first role of the mind, makes sense and is logical as it prevents you from   harm However, the second role is most important because the role of your mind is to give you what you say you want. So, if you say, ‘I am successful; and I can achieve anything I set my mind to’. This will be true. If on the other hand you say ‘I am never going to pass my driving test as I am not a confident driver’. The same will be true, because your mind will find ways to prevent you from taking your driving test to keep you safe from harm. For example, it may give you a sickness bug on the day of your test, to keep you safe, and give you what you want.

3. Stop being afraid of failure

Negative people believe that success and failure are to completely different concepts. Therefore, they believe that if they fail to achieve something the first time; that’s it. For example, if an adult refuses to take a maths test, as they failed maths at school, they will go through life avoiding maths, and never know if they have improved. However, positive people, view failure and success as part of the same concept, which means if an adult fails a maths test the first time, they have multiple opportunities to learn from the experiences and take the test again and again until they pass. Therefore, embrace failure and see it as part of the learning experience needed to go through in order to succeed.

4. Stop criticizing others

When criticizing others, we are making a judgement on their lives, opinions and abilities. By living life in a non-judgemental manner, you are focusing on what matters to you in your own life. In turn giving you more opportunity and time to focus on the goals and targets you have set in you on life rather than spending time criticizing others. Try to run your own race in life, rather than keeping up with other people.

5. Stop negative self-talk

As well as stopping talking negatively about other people, stop the negative self-talk. At every opportunity take time to learn the skills and ability to re-programme the negative self-talk you say about yourself. For example, rather than telling yourself you are ‘useless’ at sport, say, ‘I can improve in sport and I am fantastic at art.’ The ability to be able to stop negative self-talk and learn positive self-talk will promote confidence, empowerment and success in your life.

6. Stop procrastinating

By procrastinating, you are extending the time it takes to achieve meaningful goals and wasting time. There is a saying ‘why put off until tomorrow things that we can do today’.  If you can do things today that you would do tomorrow, think of how much more time you have tomorrow because you have taken the opportunity to work on your goals today.

7. Fear of success

Often people fear success, or they fear they will be judged for having material goods or opportunities in life that other people do not have. It may be the case that successful people have more material goods; but it is not the case that seemingly ‘unsuccessful’ people can not seek out opportunities to gain success and learn new skills.

8. Stop being a people pleaser

By pleasing other people, or worrying about what others think, you are often putting barriers in the way of achieving your own goals. Many people listen to others if they say an idea or a project won’t succeed, However, often it is better to have tried and ‘failed’, than to have never tried at all. After all you can always keeping trying and learning until you succeed.

The two magic ingredients on top of the 8 things to give up in order to succeed are:

· Focus or vision

Creating a focus or a vision as to how you will achieve your goal is crucial to actually succeeding. Mapping out step-by-step the goals that need to be taken and the time it takes to achieve each step will give your mind the opportunity it needs to help your vision become a reality. (More on this next week).

· Consistency and forming positive habits

By forming positive habits and being consistent; which means doing something towards your goal every day, the end goal becomes closer and you do achieve the goals in life that you believe in, are focused on and are passionate about.

Over the next couple of months, there will be courses and opportunities to explore some of the skills and concepts spoken about in this blog. For example, mindset, consistency, focus and vision, and forming positive habits.

For more information please call 07509395089 or e-mail contact@outsidetheboxeducation.co.uk

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