Confidence and Motivation

Confidence and Motivation are strange things. We can’t see them, we can’t touch them but we certainly can feel them! Whether we are full of confidence and highly motivated to achieve our goal because things are going well and we have gained a contract; or lacking confidence and demotivated because we have lost a job, our levels of confidence and our motivation are always responsible for what happens next!

Although it is true that confidence and motivation are not people; these feelings can be seen as our best friend or our worst enemy. With a lack of confidence or motivation we can hold ourselves back and restrict our opportunities or achievements in life because you don’t believe in our abilities. The opposite is also true that if we are highly motivated and full of confidence we will put ourselves forward and take opportunities and try new things that will drive ourselves forward in life.

For all of us these feelings can change. It is natural to have days when we feel that things are too hard or difficult but if we believe in ourselves we are more likely to succeed. With set goals, confidence and motivation anything can be achieved!

Next week we will show you how to set goals for success.

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