Have you left school this year? – Wondering which way to go

Everybody knows for the past 18 months education and the rest of our lives have been upside down and inside out. It sure has tested most people’s resilience even to the point that exams have been cancelled and more tests have taken place than ever before.

There are many options when you leave school depending on your grades, aims and ambitions, and choice of career. In this article, we can explain some of the choices that may help you to decide what direction to take next.

The first option is you could go on to further education college once you have finished GCSEs to study a specific subject in relation to your career. Further education college is popular for those who know which direction they want to take their studies. For example, if a student wishes to be a mechanic or a drama student, there are specific courses related to this and the college environment treats students more like adults.

Alternatively, if you prefer the school environment and get the required GCSE grades to stay at Sixth Form for A-Level this is another option. Bear in mind that both college and Sixth Form tuition has changed dramatically, in the fact that most of the studies have been done online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Once you have completed, you’re A-Levels you have the choice of whether to go onto University, an Apprenticeship or straight into employment. Any one of these options provides different opportunities, however it is worth considering all 3 options before you make a final choice.

The University option is perhaps for the more academic student who likes to study and possibly live away from home. When considering this option remember that there is a high possibility that you will be working from home and having a high percentage of online lessons due to the current pandemic. Therefore, you may not receive the traditional university social life they are looking for.

Apprenticeships are often a good route for people who want to work and study at the same time; for example, if you know the profession you want to go into such as beauty and hairdressing you can either find a job where the apprenticeship is part of the daily job. There are 2 types of apprenticeships; the first route is working in the salon full time but studying whilst you are working on the premises. The second route to gaining apprenticeships is to work in a placement and have day release in a college setting.

The final option would be to go straight into work which now is quite a good option as you can work and earn money. If you decide to study later this is also a possibility. The reason for writing this blog is that many young people and some adults still don’t know what career they want to go into, or they may be looking for a career change.

Having recently completed a Level 4 Careers Advice and Guidance Course we can offer career advice sessions for people of any age whether you are a school leaver, a University graduate, looking for your first employment or looking for a career change through choice or redundancy.

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