I am not naughty – I have ADHD!

Please don’t tell me off all the time.

For parents with children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which is another form of Autism. The thought of school, sitting still and listening in lessons, concentrating, writing or doing tests is horrendous!

Children with ADHD are constantly are misunderstood and labelled as ‘the naughty child’ which is because they find it hard to focus and get easily distracted. They often find seemly straight forward tasks difficult to comprehend and not know how to ask for help.

This often results in a child looking out the window as if to daydream or running around the room in frustration or anger. Otherwise these can be very withdrawn and hide in corners not wanting to speak.

They are also very keen to make friendships; but find it hard to ‘fit in’. They often lack the ability to understand the ‘rules’ of game play or instructions so often their peers or even their teachers exclude them from lessons or play due to perceived disruption of the class or group activities.

With children who have ADHD, this approach is counterproductive. Rather than excluding these children from activities and giving them less attention, the often need more attention to help them process information and understand what is expected of them.

Once at home, a child often receives the same messages from their family or friends. For example, a parent might say ‘Not now I’m busy.’ Or ‘Why don’t you understand your homework?’

ADHD not only has an impact on the child but also their family, friends and everyone around them.

If you would like to talk or have any concerns about ADHD or other related issues. I am happy to support you, or provide tuition for these children or young people.

Please e-mail me contact@outsidetheboxeducation.co.uk or call me on 07590395089.

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