It wasn’t like that in our day!

As parents, you are constantly on the look out for ways to support and encourage your children in every way possible. Not least with their education. So how do you keep up with the changes? Even last week their was talk of the GCSE exams being replaced – but now the Government has made a U turn.

The hardest thing to get your head around as a parent is homework. Especially maths, and all the different methods. Just the other day, I heard a parent say why do they change the way that maths is taught? It’s almost as if maths is the new ‘fashion’ and has to keep up with trends! Do you have difficulties understanding terms like ‘bus stop method’ in division and ‘chunking’ in multiplication? Are there any other terms you would just love to understand?

If you hear yourself saying it wasn’t like that in our day. We would like to know what has changed and how we can help?

Do you think the way maths is taught today is better or worse than it used to be? Get in touch via facebook or twitter and let us know what you think. Over the next few weeks we will be explaining these terms and more

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