Maximising your potential

Possibly, you feel as though you are capable of climbing the career ladder, getting that promotion you have been longing for all these years.

Or potentially, you feel as though you can take your business to another level.

Whatever it is for you, it is now time, to be honest with yourself and lay down a path to help improve your results.

You have what you have in your life right now because of the personal standards you keep. If you have low standards of yourself in various situations, then it should not come as a surprise that you are getting low results.

Raising your personal standards to higher levels helps you perform at higher levels. When you raise your standards, you are no longer settling for average.

You are instead shooting for the stars and pursuing higher-level actions that will get you better results.

You, of course, will not always achieve these high standards, however, the act of being persistent and acting on your goals moves you far closer than if you had set them at average levels.

Raising your personal standards is, however, only a start. There are other pieces to this puzzle you must also bring together to maximize your full potential.

To start with, you will need a personal vision and mission statement. This will help guide you along your journey toward your goal. Make sure, though, that your vision and mission play to your personal strengths.

Everything you do must play to your strengths. Yes, you can, of course, work on improving your weaknesses, but it is your strengths that will carry you forward.

Secondly, you need to commit yourself to constant and never-ending improvement. In other words, become a lifelong-learner.

Commit yourself to learning everything you can that could potentially help improve your results.

Thirdly, you need to cultivate a competitive spirit. You need to challenge yourself each day to push forward toward your goal. If you are not challenging yourself, then you are not growing, and if you are not growing, then you will not change. And if you do not change, then things probably will not change either. Your circumstances will be as they have always been, and you will yet again hold yourself back from maximizing your full potential.

To maximize your potential, you also need to be willing to accept constructive criticism and feedback. You need to then use that feedback to make improvements. In fact, you should essentially be your harshest critic. To hold yourself to your high standards, you need to be tough on yourself. The people who achieve massive success in life always hold themselves accountable. In fact, they continually challenge themselves to work harder and do better.

To round things off, you also need a plan of action that can help unite all these individual components. The primary purpose of this plan is to guide you toward your goals. However, your plan can also serve as a catalyst to help broaden your skill enhance your opportunities and gain valuable experience.

Your plan of action, therefore, serves as a platform to help you maximise your potential.

  • Over the next few weeks we will be showing you how to create your own personal vision and mission statement to provide a positive focus in your life
  • Look at your Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
  • Create an action plan to change your ideas into actions.

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