So…What is Chunking? – 12 Ways to start Chunking

Chunking is sometimes known as Scheduling.

Have you ever felt as if you have so much to do and don’t know where to start? Particularly, at the start of a busy term or project, everything feels like it needs to be done at once. Does this seem familiar to you?

As with the Spare Time article, it may feel like you ‘never have enough time’ to do what needs to be done.

Chunking or scheduling is the answer.

Here are some tips to get you started…

1- Every week set aside at least an hour to work out what you want to/need to accomplish this week. For example, it could be doing some reading or research for an essay or project, writing another essay, starting an art project etc.

2- Whatever it may be write down a list of everything that needs to be done. At this, it doesn’t matter what it is just write it down on paper to get it out of your head. This makes it real, and you don’t have to remember it.

3- Then look at your list and make separate lists for similar tasks. For example; a reading list, essay list, art project list etc.

4- Next, each list one at a time and prioritise what needs to be done and by when? Start by giving each task on each list a number 1-10. 1 is essential and must be done today. Do this for all your lists.

5- Now you will find that you might have several tasks marked as 1, 2, 3 and so on…Take all your tasks marked 1 and put dates and times next to them as to when they should be completed e.g. 20/09/2020, 27/09/2020, 29/09/2020.

6- Then diarise these tasks, some people like to write them in a diary, while others prefer to use an electronic diary (like the one in the photograph, or even on your mobile phone/tablet – these are brilliant because you can set reminders!)

7- Look at one list for example Writing an essay. Think about what needs to be done to achieve this e.g. read 6 chapters of a book, make notes on each chapter, organise notes into a clear argument, write paragraphs etc.

8- Wait! Number 7 looks way too much! It is. This is where the term ‘Chunking’ really comes into its own breaking each of those tasks down, once again, into manageable ‘chunks’. This way the overall main task seems far more manageable and easier to achieve.

9- Pace yourself. Don’t give yourself too much to do in one day. Otherwise, this can be overwhelming and even slow down your progress. Repeat point number 7, for all of your lists and colour code various parts of your day e.g. work, family time, me time, friends time, rest time etc.

10- Put everything in your diary including colour codes and deadlines. To help you work out how much time you need. Work backwards, e.g. plan how much time each task will take.

11- In your plan, make time of when things don’t go to plan. There are often unforeseen circumstances which cannot be avoided make space of this in your schedule.

12- If you did not achieve everything you set out to achieve today. Ask yourself why it didn’t happen and what can be done to help you. E.g. speak to a teacher, find out more information. But the most important thing is – To do something every day to achieve your goals – Then SUCCESS will happen!

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