Technology – One click to Independence. Duxford Cambridgeshire

Whether in a small way which goes unnoticed; or in a big way which has such an impact on our lives it is impossible not to accknowledge it, technology effects us every day. This morning, as usual we switched on our computers expecting them to work. They didn’t! The internet had crashed.

This got us thinking. Do we rely on technology too much? Or has it just become an expectation that we flick a switch, push a button, touch a screen and it works?

What happened to pen and paper? Or even speaking to someone face-to-face rather than texting, messaging or chatting on social networking sites?

Well, just recently we held a workshop at Duxford  Airfield called ‘Technology – One click to Independence which discussed exactly that! Does technology give us independence, or make us dependent unable to cope without our moblie phones for example?

Well, for me personally, the advancement of technology has been amazing! It means I can work and have my own business. Writing is possible but tiring due to Cerebral Palsy. Typing and voice activatated software on a laptop is much easier. My electric wheelchair means that socialising is easier too!

For other people studying is easier. Type a question into a search engine and you are given many different solutions to your question.

Not only training face-to-face we can also offer it over the internet.

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