The GROW Technique

Last week our blog was about confidence and motivation and setting goals to enable you to achieve an overall aim. That’s all very well but if you don’t know how to set goals it can be rather difficult.

Fear not! This blog explains how to GROW your goals:-

G is for GOAL. Set yourself goals. What do you want to achieve by when?

R is for REALISTIC. How realistic are your goals? Have you got the time, money and resources to achieve your goal?

O is for OPPORTUNITIES. What opportunities do you have to make this happen? Think of the support networks you have around you or people you know that can help you?

W is for WANT. How much do you want to achieve your goal? Determination goes a long way to achieving your goals.

If you have a big goal that is complicated to achieve, break it down into smaller tasks in order for your goals to GROW. If you or your company need help or support to GROW a goal please contact Outside the Box Education on 01920 463851 or 075903 95089. Or email us:

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