Today is World Kindness Day

On the 22nd March 1983, I went to school as usual. (I was 13). But as you can see, it turned out to be a rather unusual day.

Princess Diana was in Ware, on official duty to open a new part of Glaxo Smith Kline. She had asked if she could meet local students of the school opposite (Fanshawe School). I was one of the students chosen to meet her and I presented her with a bouquet.

Although this event was almost 40 years ago, her genuine interest in people and the causes that were dear to her heart are still evident for all to see on the many documentaries about her life, as well as the current Netflix drama The Crown.

She was truly compassionate and kind, and would use her power and position as a force of change. But she did this whilst going through intense personal heartache.

Little acts of kindness

Inspired by World Kindness Day, even in today’s world with the current COVID-19 pandemic, what acts of kindness (big or small) can we do to help individuals, families, schools or businesses thrive?

Think about the knowledge and connections you have and how you can use them to help others, or give the inspiration to make a lasting difference. Whatever it is, reach out to others and see how you can help.

  • It may be helping in a foodbank or doing some shopping for a neighbour
  • Sending someone a text or a message to see how they are
  • Setting up a Zoom call with friends or family
  • Sending someone a picture or video to make them smile or laugh
  • Baking a cake or making something to give to a friend

Whatever it is. We can all make a difference to someone.

Happy World Kindness Day!

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