Want to know how to keep your essays on track? – Use my secret trifle recipe

Want to know how to keep your essays on track?

How do you make the whole recipe relevant to the whole trifle?

When you’re writing the content for your essays, to make sure the whole recipe is relevant, take each ingredient and explain its purpose within the trifle. Each layer, flavour, colour, texture and sound is relevant to final success, it’s no surprise that this works with the perfect essay as well. The perfect recipe needs balance. Do not let one ingredient overpower the others with one exception, this being your own knowledge and opinion, as long as you can support it with appropriate quotes explaining the relevance of your choice of quote to support or disprove your recipe. It is just as acceptable to disprove your recipe (essay title) as it is to support, as long as you can explain.

We started using the analogy of a trifle as our essay and it is vital that throughout the whole essay writing process we stay focused on what we want the final trifle to look, taste, sound, feel and smell like.

In terms of essay writing you must stick to the ingredients of this trifle (this essay) even if you are tempted by another essay title or a totally different question halfway through the essay otherwise this is a road to a disastrous trifle (or essay). If you stick to the ingredients and the recipe but put gherkins on top, the trifle would be ruined (as would an essay).

How do we avoid this happening and become the perfect chef or perfect craftsman of an essay? It’s not easy but it involves discipline. It takes more will power to carefully chose the ingredients and save some knowledge for explaining the chef’s techniques (opinions, your own and critics, and explanations) than it does to put in absolutely everything you know. If something is not relevant to this recipe (essay), leave it out. If you have any spare time you can use your own opinions to enhance your end result.

A prize trifle

  • Identifies the all main ingredients correctly
  • Explores each ingredient and uses it to enhance one of the senses (sight, smell, sound, touch and taste)
  • Using each ingredient in the correct measurement
  • Skilfully crafting each ingredient to make a trifle. When you have the time at home it is fine to tweak, change and explore the ingredients in order to make the end result look more attractive, taste more exciting etc. When you are in a competition you don’t have time for this so be confident and know what your making
  • Don’t be tempted to change recipe halfway through otherwise you will not have the desired trifle
  • Be mindful of the layers of a trifle, the whole purpose of using a trifle recipe is to get the correct layers and each layer compliments and supports the other layers. You cannot miss a layer out otherwise it will not look like the picture you imagined it to be.

A prize essay

  • Understands the question and identifies the key words
  • Exploring each element of the question and using them to enhance and support to final result
  • Talking about each element of the question with effective balance
  • Skilfully craft each that is made in the essay to enhance to end result. At home you can explore techniques, characters, language etc. This is important in an exam but you must know where points can be explored as time is of the essence
  • Don’t change questions halfway through as you will lose sight of the original question and lose marks
  • Be mindful of structure and points (intro, body, conclusion are a must). This is the supporting structure for a perfect essay. In order to get the higher marks in the question it is vital that you layer the structure with your view point throughout the essay, supported by explanations and quotes as to why you have arrived at this particular view. If any one of these elements are missing you essay will fall apart and not answer the question.

A prize essay

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