What do you love about this year?

Today is the day when we think about romantic gestures, gifts or even surprises for someone we love. Those thoughts and actions are good and kind, but should not just be restricted to one day a year. Perhaps our question should be changed to ‘What do you love about this year?

We recently heard about a lovely idea that we want to share with you about recognising the good, happy and successful things you have achieved throughout the year.

The idea is that you write down on separate notes all the things that make you smile, all the goals that you have accomplished, and all the successful things you have achieved. You keep them in a jar (like an old fashioned sweet jar with a lid on top).

Throughout the year; keep adding the notes to the jar and at the end of the year you can look back at all you have achieved or things that have been successful. This will make you smile.

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