Diversity Awareness in the workplace

Today, more than ever before, the two worlds of education and business are both faced with the responsibility of ensuring all aspects of diversity are taken into account. That makes us very happy.

Employers and educators have to manage issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic backgrounds, disabilities and social class.

How do you manage diversity?

  • How does diversity affect your workplace?
  • How does diversity affect you as an individual?
  • What are you required to do by law?
  • How can you meet your legal requirements in a cost-effective way?
  • How do you go about embedding a culture of diversity into your leadership?
  • How do you embed diversity into your curriculum development?
  • What are the competencies needed to achieve this?

For those involved in recruitment, human resources and course admissions, a meaningful understanding of diversity is a must.

Jargon busting

But often the policies, guidelines, rules and regulations that are provided to organisations as an ethical framework are written in jargon. This can create confusion and can leave both managers and employees unsure when faced with a situation in the workplace.

We are passionate and committed to helping employers and educators explore the answers to all of those thorny diversity questions and to jargon bust in a friendly, relaxed and informative environment.

Diversity training courses can be bespoke to your organisation’s needs or you can book onto specific training programmes. Find out more about diversity training by Outside the Box or contact us for more information.

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