Overcoming disability issues in the workplace

Did you know that a disabled employee is less likely to be absent for sickness than a non-disabled person?

Many people fear disability because they fear the unknown. Once co-workers understand the issues faced by disabled staff, value their skillset, knowledge and perspective, a disabled employee can become an integral part of any team. Then it is their abilities that matter and not their disabilities.

It can sometimes be difficult for management to talk about disability issues with staff as it is often hard to know where to start. Many people fear disability because they fear the unknown or have many unanswered questions about how disabled people live and work day to day.

Giselle Ruoss is a highly educated inspirational trainer and she can help your team to explore some of these issues through training.

Bespoke training to meet your needs

At Outside the Box Education, we listen to your diversity issues, we get to know your team (or clients if appropriate) and can create bespoke training plans to address fears and discover strengths within your organisation.

For example, we have designed and developed training for NHS patient care – to help non-disabled doctors and nurses understand and respond to the difference between ‘illness’ and ‘disability’ within their daily duties.

Understanding diversity is simply an additional ‘people skill’ which can add value to organisations and businesses regardless of sector.

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