The range of tuition available

The tutoring services offered by Outside the Box Education fit into three distinct categories:

  • The more traditional subject-based tutoring for all age groups; you’ll find more information on this page (below)
  • Tuition offered to schools and colleges to help students attain key grades or qualifications
  • Tutoring or workplace training for adults of any age, helping them to gain that sought-after promotion, or developing employees in key skill areas

Tutoring services

We work with the current national curriculum – by attending national training courses we keep up to speed with what is being taught in school – but make it more fun!

We enhance our pupils’ learning of a subject either by teaching it at the same time they are learning the subject at school, or in advance so that they can hit the ground running when the subject appears on the timetable. Then there’s our speciality in revision in which we bring previously taught subject matter to life for our pupils’ individual needs and learning styles.


  • Key Stage 2 – (7 to 10 years)
  • Key Stage 3 – (11 to 14 years)
  • GCSE – English Language / English Literature / Maths / General Science / Additional Science / Chemistry / Biology / Physics / History / Geography / Sociology / Psychology / Economics / ICT / Business Studies
  • A levels – English Language / English Literature / Psychology / Sociology / Economics / Business Studies / ICT
  • Common Entrance Exams
  • Degree – English / Psychology / Sociology
  • TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Plus specialisms in:

  • Helping to study with dyslexia
  • Returning to study for all age groups
  • General study and examination skills

Home Schooling

If your child is still of school age and you have opted for the private schooling route, we can tutor your child throughout the whole year for the sylabus and arrange with exam boards for an exam to be sat at the end of the year in a different centre.


My place in Ware (near Hertford), or yours.

My house is adapted for wheelchair use, which makes it easier for me but I’m happy to travel to Hertford, Ware, Hoddesdon (and the surrounding areas) if it better suits your circumstances.

How much?

Tuition fees vary according to the learning speeds and needs of each individual pupil. We have built our reputation on being fair and cost effective, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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