Outside the Box Education offers an outstanding service and a unique training style to companies and business alike. As a company, we provide all of our prospective and existing customers the opportunity to meet with us to discuss potential ideas and concepts in order for us to design and deliver a bespoke training packages for you, your staff or customers.

Regarding the type of training we offer we are open to different subject areas although motivation, employability or working towards both accredited and or non-accredited qualifications or training are very popular at this moment in time.

If you have a need for a training package to be developed or delivered then rest assured we are here to help and make your training and development experience memorable and motivational in order for success and progression to be achieved within your company.

Download our course outlines below.

  1. Motivation Packages
  2. Back to work packages
  3. Upskill or re-skill packages
  4. Basic IT packages
  5. Confidence and communication packages
  6. Employability Packages – Sector based training
  7. Functional Skills packages
  8. Soft skills packages
  9. Teens mean business packages
  10. 1-1 Mentoring Sessions
  11. Group mentoring sessions
  12. Team building packages
  13. Diversity in the workplace
  14. Skills for life packages
  15. Schools and colleges packages
  16. English as a second language (ESOL) courses
  17. Commercial business packages
  18. Training for NHS staff

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