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If you have some students who are capable of achieving the required grade but, for various reasons, they do not quite meet the target grades set we can help you by working with these students to help them succeed on your courses. Situations may include:

  • Students at risk of exclusion
  • Students who are ill
  • Students who are attending specialist schools in order to pursue a career and need qualifications for a specific career programme, for example to attend drama school, ballet school etc

Whether you are a school, college or university we will work alongside your organisation to help maximise your students’ skills in order for them to go on to achieve on your courses – regardless of the subject content. This can be done in any of the following ways:

  • We can work with students on your premises (in groups or one-to-one)
  • We can work with students on our premises (one-to-one)
  • We can work with a student at his or her home
  • We can work with students at their place of work

Contact us to discuss how can help your school or college to achieve students’ individual goals.

Career Advice Sessions

Careers sessions are available from Outside the Box Education for SEN schools and mainstream schools. To find out more, please contact Giselle.

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