Tutoring in the workplace

The skill of providing tuition is not limited to the school room or after school hours at home, it can be as relevant for the adult in the workplace as it can be for any school or college-age student.

Helping employees gain those vital skills

Leaving school and educational studies behind in your early years does not mean that they are abandoned for good and yet those needing to refresh their skills or perhaps return to education in later years often find the transition difficult.

Offering tuition services via Outside the Box to your team, whether they are office, retail or factory-based and as a group, or as individuals, can provide a tangible yet low-cost benefit to your workforce and ultimately deliver measurable results to your business or organisation.

With all Outside the Box tuition and training services a bespoke solution is often the recommended choice. The team will listen to the needs of your employee, understand the focus that is required and create a unique tuition solution for that individual or group of individuals. Contact us to find out how we might provide workplace tuition within your organisation.

We can also provide diversity training and awareness solutions.

Need some tuition tips on how to get your next promotion?

Outside the Box can also provide cost-effective help to individuals wanting to find ways to secure their own career promotion, this may be to help career progression with the current employer or to help you look outside that organisation or industry sector.

Get in touch and let’s discuss your individual needs, you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking how Outside the Box Education might be able to help you with your next career move.

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